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Gender Queering

CMS's Gender Support Plan survey of our children damages their future.  Its stated purpose is to determine a child’s authentic gender. Authentic means original, true, real. God made us male and female. Your sponsored gender identity survey undermines biology, the family structure, and our culture by celebrating gender dysphoria, which is a mental illness found in .005 percent of our population. 

This isn’t about compassion for a handful of children; no this is about grooming children for abuse—mental abuse. You’re encouraging children to experiment with deviant sexual thoughts and activity, yes, breaking the model of a balanced child. Your next step could be animal identity like Tigris, the Hunger Games stylist, who surgically altered her face into a semi-feline mask. 

Look, you’re queering our children and subverting their literacy. Literacy is a civil right. Literacy means logic and reasoning. This gender ideology denies the existence of human nature.  Sexuality is a gift from God, not a capricious or pathological choice. Hopefully the North Carolina Parent’s Bill of Rights becomes law and we hold the Superintendent and Principles liable for counseling our kids about gender identity. 

Also, the gender support survey data will be shared, opening one to ridicule. There's no way you can keep this private which means it could haunt one for years, maybe disqualifying them for future employment.  

This survey has socialist democrats written all over it.  

Equity Gone Wrong

The social emotional learning proponents say they can use racism to achieve equity. They contend that the work ethic is a white construct, and their affirming care training is really grooming children away from family, church, and personal responsibility. All this robs children of stability and virtue. By the way, virtue makes our society work. 

Equity’s supporters even celebrate disadvantaged students venting their anger at being a possible victim. 

Parental Rights

I’m concerned about the steady erosion of parental rights within CMS. Over the years extreme progressives have argued that public schools are an equal partner in educating children. This notion is a direct assault on the God created family structure—parents are the first educators of their children. 

Look at your actions contrary to most parents' expectations and to the welfare of their children: 

  1. Offering and assigning pornographic books, totally counter to setting a good example.  

  2. Conducting a survey without parental knowledge on the children’s sexual preferences. 

  3. Using the SEL program to foster racism and victimization.  

  4. Counseling students without parents present and contrary to their beliefs. 

  5. Devising complicated web access for parents to view their children’s curriculum. 

  6. Teaching false notions about our shared history  

  7. Dictating the wearing of masks in direct opposition to parents' desires and to studies proving masks ineffectiveness.

  8. Lowering student expectations thus shunting our children's drive to fulfill God’s plan for them. 

  9. Condoning unsafe schools by allowing unruly students to roam free. 

  10. Managing a school system without any measurable criteria hence 42 failing schools and horrendous poor student performance. 

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