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Promoting Safe & Productive Classroom 

   As a teacher it pained me to send an unruly child out of the classroom, but I had to ensure a productive classroom for the good of all my students. Regrettably, this unruly child missed out on classroom instruction during their absence.

   Free societies recognize that a set of behavior standards are necessary for the common good, where citizens can live in peace with predictability. The Charlotte Mecklenburg School system revised their Code of Student Conduct to help children receive quality instruction in an orderly educational environment. It describes specifically what CMS expects from each student to maintain an environment in which every student can learn and be successful. Unfortunately, many principals and counselors excuse frequent and flagrant violations of the code, robbing children of a productive learning environment.

   How do we help children who violate the code while respecting the learning space of those trying to be career and college ready? I suggest the CMS leadership respect this code of student conduct for all children and devise ways to help those children during in school and out of school suspensions to keep pace with academics and to help them achieve personal responsibility. We must seek creative solutions to ensure all children are have the opportunity to be academically successful.

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