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Arrest Wokism in CMS

Over the past year, I’ve regularly spoken against the invasion of the cancerous woke culture metastasizing in our schools. By promoting wokism the eight women on the CMS board are requiring pornographic books for reading, confusing kid’s sexuality and moral compass with gender identification, demeaning children’s self-worth with lies about racism, and condoning disruptive behavior by a few troublemakers.

These eight women need to be rooted out. We need to vote in new ones who’ll recognize we’ll all God children and insist that virtues, self-reliance, patriotism, and the three R’s are taught.

As a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and former combat fighter pilot and Air Force defense planner, I wish to serve again. I also bring years of successful program management of one hundred-million-dollar programs, international marketing, and after retiring ten years of teaching high school.

While the other school board candidates focus on the symptoms—unsafe schools and poor student performance, I’m aiming at the root cause, the turning our backs to our Christian culture. Until we embrace our Christian culture again and rid ourselves of this gang, we won’t see improvements in our schools.

Thank you—Elect Bill Fountain to district one CMS school board seat.

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