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Post-Election 11 November 2022

While I did lose my bid for the CMS school board district one seat, I learned a lot about running for public office. First to set the stage, I ran as an independent because I found no Republican willing to counter the woke initiative of tearing down our traditional social norms. Also, with two Republicans already in the race, I didn’t want to interfere with their endorsement process.

Deciding to run and filing on the last day, I had no organization or plan. My oldest daughter and her husband helped in getting the word out and in gathering advice from their friends on yard signs and car magnets. A friend also advised me on knocking on doors and campaign cards.

My pastor and a pastor at another church allowed me to advertise my campaign in their church bulletin. This along with my self-generated donation card led to the bulk of donations for my campaign. I did use a text messaging outfit, but I’m not sure of its benefit. Knocking on doors with my friend and placing my campaign cards in the newspaper slot below the mailbox, paid off based on precinct results. The biggest boost to the 15.38% of the vote for me came from campaigning at the Huntersville library early voting site. I estimate a fifth of the voters walking into the voting site, grasping the Democratic slate card, gave me a thumbs up on entering or exiting after I told them I'm against CMS confusing the sexuality of our children. Many of these voters were black. Even a gay couple voted for me, saying CMS should not be promoting transgender. Of course, I got cursed at often. One lady asked if I went to church on Sunday, and when I said yes, she said it figures. I also received hate emails through my website.

I remain convinced running against the woke initiatives of transgendering our children, refusing to discipline troublemakers for either fear of being accused as a racist or to tear down behavior standards, and manipulating equity to create division and victimhood based on color of skin is a worthy and winning pursuit. Beyond continuing to speak at the school board meeting, I have to reflect on what I’m called to do.

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