Advocate for turning CMS schools into learning centers

  • Proven leader, retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel combat fighter pilot and defense planner
  • Successful program and marketing manager in a Fortune 101 company.
  • Licensed NC teacher in math (6-12), social studies, earth science, business & information technology (6-12), and marketing (6-12).
  • Taught middle and high school for ten years
  • Persistently spoken at the CMS school board’s meetings to change their policies to achieve high student performance. 

My Commitment

High Expectations result in High Achievement. We need to focus on the following actions:

  • Hold CMS leadership accountable for student performance and transparency
  • Invigorate the Child-Teacher-Parent relationship to include parental opt-in control of their students for counseling and surveys
  • Return to traditional moral values by affirming children's birth sex, ensuring age-appropriate books,
  • Respect the code of student conduct for productive classrooms, while promoting personal responsibility and respect for self and others.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

I'm speaking out.

Supporting Our First Responders

A snapshot of my life.

SEL is harmful

Diversity, equity, and inclusion using SEL programs for our students results in children being more depressed, more anxious, great difficulty in dealing with emotions, and more problems with relationships with parents. Let's return to merit, fairness, and equality to give our students dignity and self-respect.

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